What is Petals Studio?

What is Petals Studio?

Petals Studio is a Software distribution of open-source Eclipse tools to work with Petals ESB.
Some of these tools come from the Eclipse Foundation, while some others were developed specifically for Petals ESB.
Petals Studio aims at providing all the required and available tools for Petals ESB.

Tools and Features

Petals Studio embeds several different tools:

  • Creation wizards and editors for Petals configurations.
  • Import and export wizards for Petals.
  • The Java Development Tooling (JDT).
  • XML, XSD, XSL and WSDL editors.

Software and Hardware Requirements

The only thing the Petals Studio needs is a JDK 6 (or higher).
Regarding hardware criteria, 1 GB of memory seems a minimum. In particular if you plan to work with graphical designers.
However, it is possible to update the memory settings in the PetalsStudio.ini file located at the root of the distribution.

One thing to be careful is the Operating System and the Window application.
Indeed, Petals Studio relies on some libraries that are platform-dependent (the implementation varies in function of the target platform).


The plug-ins that have been developed specifically for Petals Studio are licensed under the terms of the Eclipse Public License.
The Petals Studio itself is a Software distribution where each component is governed by the terms and conditions of its own license.
All the embedded components are open-source.

Where can I get the source code?

The source code for the Petals Eclipse plug-ins and the product definition are hosted on Git.
You can either check it out from GitHub.

Until the version 1.2, the code was hosted on EBM WebSourcing's forge.

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