What is Petals Master?

What is Petals Master?

Petals Master is an open-source Web application that allows to register and manage services (in the SOA sense of the term).
Note that the name "Petals Master" is an alias for the Dragon platform, which is supported by the OW2 Middleware Consortium.

As a SOA repository, Petals Master can manage services, organizations, roles and establish relations between them.
Petals Master also aims at managing the life cycle and the versioning of services (from its creation, going through its development, to its end-life).
In a next future, it will also be possible to define Service Level Agreement (SLA) contracts and associate abstract policies.

Relying on standards (UDDI Inquery, Web Service API and soon WS-Agreement), it allows both a direct usage (through a Web interface) and a direct communication with runtime platforms, such as Petals ESB.

Anyway, Petals Master is expected to play a major role in the use and the promotion of SOA best practices between service providers and service consumers.

Main Features

Petals Master supports 4 aspects:

  • Services management: it allows you to add, browse and search services into the registry.
  • Organizations management: it allows you to manage entities like organizations, posts and persons.
  • Runtime (platforms) management: it allows you to connect Petals Master with a service execution environment like an enterprise service bus (e.g. Petals ESB), an application server, etc.
  • Administration: it allows you to manage Petals Master database, settings, etc.

Petals Master can be queried through Web services.
It currently supports 3 API:

  • UDDI Inquiry v2.
  • UDDI Inquiry v3.
  • A custom Inquiry (not yet but soon) API.

The management of service's life cycle and SLA (with WS-Agreement) is planned but not already available.
Please, note that the application is available in English and soon in French!

Software and Hardware Requirements

Petals Master being a Java Web application, it can run on any application server (e.g. Apache Tomcat).
As a Java application, you imperatively need a Java Virtual Machine to run it. More precisely, you need a JDK 6.

Eventually, you need a database (several types are supported) and a Web browser.
More details about Software and Hardware requirements are given in the installation guide.


Petals Master is licensed under the terms of the LGPL License.

Where can I get the source code?

The source code for Petals Master can be found on the OW2 Forge.

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