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{note}This is the documentation section for the *development version* of Petals ESB.
Please, note that such a documentation and product may be incomplete and/or unstable. For production environment, please use the latest public release of product and documentation.

This is the documentation for the Petals ESB Container 5.3.0+.
A Petals distribution contains a Petals server, the supported and compatible components, plus additional tools.
You can download it on [Petals' web site|].

You can ask for help on the [Petals forum|] and report bugs and feature requests on [Petals Bug Tracker|].

This version of Petals ESB Container is member of Petals Enterprise Edition *5.3.0*.

This version of Petals ESB Container works with Petals Registry Overlay *1.2.0* and higher.



*Quick Access*

h2. [Container User Guide]
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h2. [Components & Tools User Guides|Components User Guide]
* Binding Components
** [BC EJB 1.4.2+|petalscomponents:Petals-BC-EJB 1.4.2+]
** [BC File Transfer 4.0.0|petalscomponents:Petals-BC-Filetransfer 4.0.0+]
** [BC FTP 3.7.3+|petalscomponents:Petals-BC-FTP 3.7.3+]
** [BC Gateway 1.0.1+|petalscomponents:Petals-BC-Gateway 1.0.1+]
** [BC JMS 3.2.2+|petalscomponents:Petals-BC-JMS 3.2.2+]
** [BC Mail 4.0.0+|petalscomponents:Petals-BC-Mail 4.0.0+]
** [BC Quartz 1.5.3+|petalscomponents:Petals-BC-Quartz 1.5.3+]
** [BC REST 1.1.0+|petalscomponents:Petals-BC-REST 1.1.0+]
** [BC SFTP 1.7.0+|petalscomponents:Petals-BC-SFTP 1.7.0+]
** [BC SOAP 4.4.3+|petalscomponents:Petals-BC-SOAP 4.4.3+]
** [BC SQL 1.6.3+|petalscomponents:Petals-BC-SQL 1.6.3+]

* Service Engines
** [SE Activiti 1.1.0+|petalscomponents:Petals-SE-Activiti 1.1.0+]
** [SE Camel 1.1.0+|petalscomponents:Petals-SE-Camel 1.1.0+]
** [SE EIP 2.9.3+|petalscomponents:Petals-SE-EIP 2.9.3+]
** [SE Flowable 1.0.0+|petalsseflowable100:Petals-SE-Flowable 1.0.0+]
** [SE JSR-181 1.5.3+|petalscomponents:Petals-SE-Jsr181 1.5.3+]
** [SE Mapping 1.0.0+|petalscomponents:Petals SE Mapping 1.0.0+]
** [SE POJO 2.5.0+|petalscomponents:Petals-SE-POJO 2.5.0+]
** [SE RMI 1.7.2+|petalscomponents:Petals-SE-RMI 1.7.2+]
** [SE Talend 1.1.2+|petalscomponents:Petals-SE-Talend 1.1.2+]
** [SE Validation 1.5.3+|petalscomponents:Petals-SE-Validation 1.5.3+]
** [SE XSLT 2.8.3+|petalscomponents:Petals-SE-XSLT 2.8.3+]

* Petals Tools
** [Petals Studio 1.4.x|petalsstudio14:Petals Studio 1.4]
** [petalscomponents:Petals ESB CLI 3.0.0+]
** [petalsregcli111:]
** [Petals Maven Plugin 3.0.0+|petalscomponents:Maven Petals Plug-in 3.0.0+]
** [petalscomponents:Petals ANT Tasks 2.7.0+]

h2. [Petals Developer Guide]
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