Installing Petals ESB CLI using the ZIP archive


Two ZIP archives are available to install Petals ESB CLI:

  • petals-cli, it's the basic ZIP archive containing basic commands,
  • petals-cli-distrib, it's the full ZIP archive, containing basic commands and all available extensions.
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Installing Petals ESB CLI using the ZIP archive

Once the Petals ESB CLI ZIP archive is downloaded, extract all files into a directory of your choice.
When files are extracted, Petals ESB CLI is ready to be run.

ZIP archives content

Content of the basic ZIP archive

The basic ZIP archive contains:

  • a directory bin that contains the script launching Petals ESB CLI,
  • a directory lib where all libraries required by Petals ESB CLI are put,
  • a directory conf containing the default configuration of the Petals ESB CLI,
  • an empty directory extensions where to put Petals ESB CLI extensions,

Content of the full ZIP archive

In addition to the content of the basic ZIP archive, the full ZIP archive contains the following extensions:

  • the Petals BC SFTP tooling pack.
  • the Monitoring command with:
    • managed objects for Cacti,
    • and subscription objects for Nagios.
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