This component implements some Enterprise Integration Patterns, described at

According the pattern invoked, the EIP component chains some 'sub-service' invocations and can response by a response to the initial caller.

It can split, aggregate, or routing messages, depending of the pattern in used.

The component is based on asynchronous invocations, so the order of the 'sub-service' invocations and the process of their response is not determinate.

EIP Component overview
Notice: the EIP SE has been superseeded by the Camel SE. It is recommended to use the latter instead.

Recommended Usage

Petals ESB proposes a set of component to able a SOA integrator to compose its services orchestration.

Different kind of approach is possible, and often a combination amongst the different orchestration 'able' components, BPEL, POJO and EIP, permit to build suitable solutions.

This component is adapted to response to basic orchestration demands, and is a good introduction to orchestration for traditional integrator actors, familiar with EAI concepts.

This component is adapted for performance demands.

This component is not adapted to respond to pure SOA approaches, which are relying massively on WSDLs and business process conception. BPEL is the component for that, but is quite much complex to use too.

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