The POJO (Plain Old Java Object) component is a Service Engine (SE) that provides services that you can develop directly in Java code.

It can be useful to refactor your legacy code as Business logic with this component, or build simple hand made services.

This component is based on the PETALS CDK.
POJO service is represented by a Provides section in a POJO Service Unit.

This component do not support the CDK Consumes mode directly. However, it can consume 'sub-services' during the providing of a service, eg an hand made service of orchestration.

POJO component overview

Recommended Usage

The POJO component is the simple tool to respond to very specific problematics where no standard components can respond.

Il can useful too to provide a mock of a service for development tests, to manipulate the Normalized Exchange properties or attachments as you want.

In some situation, it can be used to expose the Business logic contained in some hand made Java legacy code. This code is executed within the component at runtime, thus it can be render scalable and deployed amongst the Petals ESB domain.

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