Petals ESB Hazelcast Registry


Petals ESB Hazelcast Registry is the default registry implementation, based on the Petals Registry Overlay


Topology parameters

The configuration parameters of the Petals ESB Hazelcast Registry that must be shared by all containers of the domain are available in the topology definition:

<tns:domain name="Domain" mode="static" xmlns:tns="">
   <registry:configuration xmlns:registry="">
         <registry:overlay-member port="7901">localhost</registry:overlay-member>
Parameter name Default value Description
Group name of the cluster. Must be unique for this domain.
Password used to secure access to the group.
List of the cluster members that the containers member of the current domain can join.
Host name of the cluster member.
configuration/overlay-members/overlay-member@port 7901 Listening port of the cluster member.

where the namespace of parameters is:

Runtime configuration parameters

Some configuration parameters of the Petals ESB Hazelcast Registry are available into the container local configuration (ie. into the file

Parameter/Property name Default value Description 500 Max size, in endpoint number, of the cache associated to each map of the registry overlay client implementation.

Logging configuration parameters

The Petals ESB Hazelcast Registry uses the following loggers to trace its execution:

  • Petals.System.Registry: associated to the Petals ESB internal component associated to the registry client,
  • com.hazelcast: the low-level client part based on Hazelcast stack.

As the Petals ESB Hazelcast Registry is provided as default into the ZIP and Debian archives of Petals ESB, its logging configuration is already configured as following:

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