Quickstart Guide

Install binaries

  1. Make sure you have installed Java 1.7 on your system.
  2. If you have more than one JDK available, set the environment variable JAVA_HOME with the path of the JDK you want to use with Petals ESB.
  3. Unzip Petals ESB and Petals CLI available in the latest version of Petals ESB Enterprise distribution.
  4. On POSIX systems, if needed, set the execute bit on bin/petals-esb.sh and bin/petals-cli.sh

Start Petals ESB

  • On Windows, double-click on bin\petals-esb.bat
  • On POSIX systems, run bin/petals-esb.sh in a terminal

Deploy a JBI component

Petals (JBI) components are available on Petals' website.

If you want to deploy the XSLT service engine, type in the following line in another terminal:

$ petals-cli.sh -h localhost -n 7700 -u petals -p petals -c -- deploy -u http://mirrors.ibiblio.org/pub/mirrors/maven2/org/ow2/petals/petals-se-xslt/2.7.2/petals-se-xslt-2.7.2.zip

You can see log traces about installation of the component displayed in the terminal of Petals ESB. In the same time, these lines should be written at the end of the file logs/petals.log

2011-01-25 10:31:25,337 INFO [Petals.JBI-Management.InstallationServiceImpl] Installer of the component 'petals-se-xslt' loaded
2011-01-25 10:31:25,347 INFO [Petals.Container.Components.petals-se-xslt.bootstrap.petals-se-xslt] Install component [Name : petals-se-xslt, Version : 2.4.1]
2011-01-25 10:31:27,201 INFO [Petals.Container.Installer.petals-se-xslt] Component 'petals-se-xslt' installed
2011-01-25 10:31:27,206 INFO [Petals.Container.Components.petals-se-xslt] Init component...
2011-01-25 10:31:29,194 INFO [Petals.Container.Components.petals-se-xslt] Component initialized
2011-01-25 10:31:29,201 INFO [Petals.Container.Components.petals-se-xslt] Start component...
2011-01-25 10:31:29,363 INFO [Petals.Container.Components.petals-se-xslt] Storage Service is now running to process persisted notifications
2011-01-25 10:31:29,370 INFO [Petals.Container.Components.petals-se-xslt] Component started
2011-01-25 10:31:29,374 INFO [Petals.JBI-Management.InstallationServiceImpl] Component 'petals-se-xslt' started

Stop Petals ESB

  • Type Ctrl+c in the terminal.
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