Architecture Description

Petals Studio is an Eclipse product, made up of plug-ins that are organized as features.
As a reminder, notice that the general Eclipse architecture was described here to explain how to update the studio.

Feature organization

The studio uses 4 features, each one matching a category in the studio's JIRA.

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Petals Studio's features

Petals plug-ins

Petals plug-ins are part of 3 of the 4 features.
In fact, plug-in dependencies cross feature boundaries.

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Petals Studio's main plug-ins

Although the plug-in organization was represented as a tree, it is in fact more like a graph.
As an example, some component plug-ins also use directly common plug-ins (*.petals.common.*).
The plug-in that defines the product (Petals Studio's plug-in) does not appear on this diagram.
It is independent and defines the welcome page and splash screen.


PDE Build

Petals Studio can be exported manually with the Plugin Development Environment (PDE).
Select File > Export and then Plug-in Development > Eclipse product.
Select in the configuration list and complete the properties before starting the build.

Notice that to build the studio for several platforms, the Eclipse Delta Pack is required.

Maven Build

The studio can now be built with Maven 3 and Tycho.
To build the studio with Maven, check the entire trunk (or desired tag), open a command line at the root and execute mvn clean install.
It will build a studio for several platforms.

Tycho only works with Maven 3.
Tycho is a Maven plugin that allows to build Eclipse plug-ins. These projects are not typical Maven projects.
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