Configuring the Use of a Shared Library


Shared libraries are Petals artifacts that allow to mutualize Java librairies and make them usable by several Petals components.
A component can use a shared library if, and only if, it is associated with it.
Such an association can be done through several ways:

  • With the Petals Maven plug-in (useful in continuous integration).
  • By hand: it consists in adding an element in the jbi.xml of the component.
  • With the studio.

Only the last case is described here.

Using the studio

In the studio's menu, select File > New > Petals Utilities > Configured Component or click the icon showing a jar with a star inside.

A dialog opens up.

Type in an URL where to download a Petals component or select it on your local hard drive.
Then, define the location of the output component, the one that will be configured to use the selected shared libraries.

The only remaining step is to define the shared libraries to use.
You can either select a shared library on your local hard drive (Add a File...)

... or you can specify an URL where to download it (Add an URL...).

Shared library information will be determined by introspecting the artifact.
Or you can also set manually this information by clicking Specify Manually.

Once everything is set in the dialog, click Finish.

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