Importing a WSDL Definition


Petals Studio provides a wizard to import WSDL files.
The main interest of this wizard is that it imports the WSDL with all its dependencies.
If your WSDL imports WSDL, XSD or XML files, these files will be imported as well.

When a target location already exists, the imported file is renamed and the reference in the importing file is updated.
Both WSDL 1.1 and WSDL 2.0 are supported.

This import should be preferred rather than copying a WSDL file manually.

Table of contents


Click File > Import > WSDL > WSDL.

Click Next.
A new page appears.

Type in the WSDL location (it must be a valid URI).
If the WSDL is located on your local disk, click Browse....
Then, select the target directory in which the WSDL (and its dependencies) must be imported.

Click Finish to start the import operation.

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