Moving on to the Petals Web Console

This page explains very briefly the relations that exist between the Petals studio and the Petals Web console.
In fact, this page is only helpful for beginners or for people preparing demonstrations.

When a Service-Unit project or a Service Assembly project is exported, it results in one or several service assemblies to deploy.
These artifacts can be deployed either by being copied in the Petals install directory, or by using the Petals Web console.
Indeed, this last one proposes a web interface to install Petals artifacts.

In an industrial context, the packaging would not be made through the studio.
And the deployment would not be made through the console either.
In fact, the packaging would rather be made with Maven, and the deployment with Petals ANT tasks.

The studio and the web console are generally used together for demonstrations.
For other purposes, they are used separately.
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