New and Noteworthy

Petals Studio 1.4

Here are the new and noteworthy features of Petals Studio 1.4.

This release is mainly the same as Petals Studio 1.3 but updated for Petals 5's components.

Eclipse Indigo and Eclipse Maven support

This version of Petals Studio has been updated to Eclipse Indigo SR2 with the M2E plugin pre-installed.

Petals Maven Plugin 3.0.0 is used by default

The default version of the petals-maven-plugin used with Petals 5 is now version 3.0.0.

BPEL abandoned

The BPEL component has been abandoned.


This version works with Petals 5 and the main features of Petals 3 and 4 (except for BPEL).

This version contains:

  • Bug fixes.
  • Minor enhancements.

See the complete release notes for more details.

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