Contributor Guidelines

This page is intended to help you use understand how to use the Website and contribute to content. It is meant as a simplified version of the Terms of Use. Legally binding agreement can be found here: Terms of Use

By viewing, editing and/or reproducing any page of this website, writing/editing a comment or registering on it, you hereby accept to comply with the Terms of Use.

Using the content

  1. Public content: accessible to Anonymous Users, it is published under CC-by-nc-nd.
  2. Private content: accessible only to Registered Users, you can only display it and use it for your own use, excluding any and all commercial intent or result.
  3. Intellectual property of published content:
  • you must respect author's rights and paternity;
  • you can use the Petals products names and logo, only in a way that benefits Petals community and excludes any commercial purpose (ex: reproducing a doc on your website, publishing an article on Petals products).

Contributing to the content

  • You engage yourself not to disclose Private content to any third party.
  • You grant EBM Websourcing the non-exclusive, worldwide, for intellectual property's lifespan, the right to use your contribution in any way on any support (ex: publishing your content under CC-nc-nd, using it in commercial materials).
  • You warrants EBM Websourcing against any legal violation that your contribution could cause.
  • You pledge to make your best efforts to follow the tips and good practices of the Writing content page.


  • EBM Websourcing may send to you emails on a distant basis if you're a Registered User.
  • EBM Websourcing won't disclose your personal information to any third party.
  • You can modify or ask deletion of your personal information at any time by sending and email at

Useful Links

  • Wiki User Guide: the right place to get help about finding information, using Registered User's features and writing content.
  • Forum
  • Bugtracker: Our products's bugtracker. You may look for existing issues or file a bug there.
  • Petals Link: our corporate website, the place for more information on product's features and technical information, and to ask for professional support.


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