Petals ESB "Embedded Petals Registry Overlay"


The Petals ESB "Embedded Petals Registry Overlay" is a pre-extension embedding a default Petals Registry Overlay.

This extension was created to simplify the start of a Petals ESB container member of a default standalone topology avoiding to start the Petals registry Overlay as another system process.

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Installation of the extension

This extension is embedded with the ZIP archive of the Petals ESB container, so no installation is required.

This extension is not available as Debian package because it's dedicated to sample standalone topologies. Debian packages are designed for production installations that are currently based on topologies containing several nodes.

This extension is activated if, in order:

  • the topology is a standalone topology (ie. the topology contains only one container),
  • no registry implementation is configured in the topology,
  • the server property petals.embedded-registry-overlay is not set or set to true.

To install this extension over a Petals ESB installed through Debian packages:

  1. if needed, create the directory /usr/share/petals-esb/extensions
  2. unzip the archive of the extension into the directory /usr/share/petals-esb/extensions

Using the Embedded Petals Registry Overlay

The Embedded Petals Registry Overlay provided with this extension is one configured with the following cluster definition:

<tns:petals-registry-overlay xmlns:tns="">
      <!-- Default listening port: 7900 -->
      <tns:member id="sample-member-0">localhost</tns:member>
   <!-- By default, the support of the Hazelcast Management Center is enable -->
   <!--tns:management-console enable="true">http://localhost:8080/mancenter</tns:management-console-->

You can connect your Hazelcast Management console to this registry.


Runtime configuration parameters

Configuration parameters of the Embedded Petals Registry Overlay are available into the container local configuration (ie. into the file

Parameter/Property name Default value Description
petals.embedded-registry-overlay true Flag enabling/disabling the extension if the topology authorizes to use this extension
petals.embedded-registry-overlay.port 7900 The listening TCP port of the embedded registry

Logging configuration parameters

This extension uses the following logger name to trace its execution: Petals.Extensions.EmbeddedRegistryOverlayService.

As this extension is provided into the ZIP Archive of Petals ESB, its logging configuration is already configured. If you install this extension through Debian or RPM package, just add something like the following lines to your

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