The SOAP component is a Binding Component (BC) which enables to interact with external Web Services and to expose JBI services as Web Services.

In provider role, when a JBI MessageExchange is sent to a ServiceEndpoint (mapped to a Web Service), it is transformed into a SOAP message and sent to the linked external Web Service. In consumer role, when a SOAP message is received on an exposed Web Service, transformed into a JBI MessageExchange and sent to the corresponding JBI ServiceEndpoint.

It provides the following features :

  • Expose JBI Services as SOAP Web Services
  • Expose SOAP Web Services as JBI Services
  • Handle SOAP attachments. The attachments of the incoming SOAP message are placed into the JBI message as attachments; the JBI attachments are placed in the outgoing SOAP message as attachments.
If you want more details about SOAP, you can consult this W3C specification :

All attachment are processed by using XOP rules. (XML-binary Optimized Packaging :

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