The Petals RMI service engine aims to provide a direct access to the internal NMR of a Petals ESB container. So an external Java client can interact directly with the NMR:

  • to activate, deactivate or search endpoints,
  • to create, send or receive message exchanges.

The external Java client can act as a service consumer or a service consumer:

  • a Java client as service consumer will create message exchanges, send and receive them. Such a client is responsible to apply correctly message exchange patterns,
  • a Java Client as service provider will activate/deactivate endpoints receiving and replying to message exchanges.
Petals SE RMI overview

Recommended usage

This component should be used in test context, for example for integration tests of JBI components.

This component is distributed with the Petals Community Pack, and we discourage you from using it in a production environment.

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