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What are the Petals components?

As many modern solutions, Petals ESB has been designed to be lightweight and very potent at the same time.
As such, it is architectured in two main parts:

  • The container, core of the solution, and providing typical middleware and ESB features.
  • The components, which can be seen as modular plugins bringing various features, each one of them following an international standard.

There can be distinguished two families of Petals components.

Binding components (BC) are links between the services in the bus and external applications.
The natural way to provide these bounds is the usage of communications protocols. This is why binding components are generally associated with communication protocols, like SOAP, RMI, JMS...

Service engines (SE) are pieces of application logics fully integrated in the bus.
They are exposed directly as services into the bus. It can be executing code (POJO), performing transformations (XSLT), scheduling (Quartz) and so on...

We invite you to get a look at our components's User Guides first. Once you're familiarized with a component, you're welcome to reproduce our Use cases.

Components Use Cases

Components User Guide

Shared Libraries

Components Developer's Guide

Maven Petals Plug-in

Petals ESB CLI

Petals ANT Tasks

Petals Registry CLI

Petals ESB Deployer


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